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Since 1997, every county in the state has benefited from the programs, products and services offered through both WCA Services, Inc. and the Wisconsin Counties Association. The success of WCA Services, Inc. is due in part to our insistence on high corporate standards from companies that provide counties and other public entities with meaningful solutions. Programs offered through both WCA Services, Inc. and the Wisconsin Counties Association are secure for any public entities use. This trust is at the foundation of all we do.

Company Spotlight


Abilita is an independent and objective telecommunications consulting firm that helps local government reduce & manage costs by providing an analysis of all of telecom costs & services (local, long distance, cellular, and internet) under the premise that most organizations are spending more than they should.
With 15 locations across North America, Abilita offers the national scope necessary to service the needs of large and diverse organizations, while maintaining the highest standards of local service and support for clients of …

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Featured News

WCA Services, Inc. Partners with Google for G Suite Platform

WCA Services, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Google to bring the proven communication, collaboration, and productivity capabilities of their products to employees working in Wisconsin counties and municipalities.

Public private partnerships are one of the clearest trends in local government today. When public sector needs can be met with cutting-edge private sector solutions provided by quality companies, government is more efficient and citizens are well served.

WCA Services, Inc. has worked with Google to establish a contract …

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Partner Highlights


WCA Services, Inc. chose Constellation as their endorsed energy supplier to provide value to county members. Wisconsin counties can manage energy costs in new and powerful ways to achieve budget certainty, cost savings, and financial protection with Constellation’s full range of integrated energy solutions. Constellation also provides counties with educational materials and a dedicated focus serving local governments. Learn more …

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Partner Highlights

Johnson Controls

WCA Services, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Johnson Controls, a prominent building company that transforms the environments where people live, work, learn and play. Since 1885, Johnson Controls has been making buildings smarter by optimizing building performance, improving safety, and enhancing resiliency; and their depth of experience and global reach has been growing ever since.

Today, Johnson …

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