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Cash Management, Investment and Financial Advisory Services

PMA is a family of financial services companies that helps counties, municipalities, school districts, local government investment pools and other Wisconsin institutions by providing investment, financial management and fund administration services. Since inception, we’ve focused on a single mission: Helping communities build strong finances. With comprehensive financial services and a relentless dedication to your best interests, our expertise keeps the gears of civic life turning. Simply put, we provide financial strategies for stronger Wisconsin communities. Today, PMA proudly serves nearly 30 Wisconsin counties and 3,400 other public entities in 14 states.

PMA has served the Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC) since 2004. Investment service programs have been a critical element in the growth of the WISC fund. In addition to WISC’s pooled investment offerings, clients are offered a competitive Fixed Rate Investment Program that includes unique bidding services, brokerage services and a certificate of deposit program. PMA Financial Network’s Cash Flow Management Program and PMA Securities’ Bond Proceeds Management Program are designed to maximize portfolio earnings by evaluating cash needs and developing an investment plan for the local government entity.

Debt issuance and debt management services are provided through PMA Securities, LLC. PMA served as financial advisor on 790 debt transactions during the five-year period 2016-2020, totaling over $9.1 billion. Of those totals, Wisconsin issuers represented 215 transactions aggregating to over $3.3 billion. While the scope of services might differ based on circumstances, one thing that does not change is that PMA owes its municipal entity clients a fiduciary duty when providing advice on the issuance of debt.

PMA Asset Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor, specializes in fixed income portfolio management. These customized portfolios may include U.S. treasuries, government agencies and corporate and municipal securities with durations ranging from 60 days to ten years.

PMA’s dedication to understanding the specific needs of individual clients not only produces superior results, but also illustrates its commitment to local government solutions.


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