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Programs & Services

Financial Services

County administrators, department heads and their employees increasingly need savvy financial management skills to effectively manage government operations. Often those skills require a deep understanding of the county’s investment policies, but periodically employee benefit programs also demand financial analysis. Whether it is bond issuance, cash management or employee deferred compensation programs, the following programs and services offer county managers and their employees options for financial services. Both separately and in aggregate, these programs provide a sound starting point for all of your county’s financial needs.

Information Technology & Cyber Security

As counties increasingly rely on technology to provide vital government services and communicate with the public, they are also forced to continually evaluate new systems and replace outdated software and infrastructure. However, due to the rapid advancement in technology coupled with the numerous products available, it is increasingly difficult for individual counties to thoroughly investigate each new platform or program independently. The following programs and services offered through these partnerships should prove useful in protecting and maintaining a local government’s IT infrastructure while preserving scarce taxpayer resources.

Insurance, Health Care & Employee Benefits

Health care inflation, changes in state law, and the Affordable Care Act have all contributed to a dramatic shift in public sector insurance and health care delivery options and methods. WCA, in cooperation with WCA Services, Inc. and the National Association of Counties (NACo), has developed a robust offering of employee benefit, insurance and health care programs and services by leveraging the purchasing power of local governments in Wisconsin and across the nation. These programs are designed to enable counties to continue offering employees meaningful benefit packages by helping to offset the rising cost of providing them.