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About Us

The Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) takes pride in its tradition of service to its 72 county members. This element is central to the association’s mission and helps guide our daily activities. Whether we are lobbying on a key county issue at the Capitol or providing educational services through meetings and webinars, WCA’s goal is the same – to assist government in operating more efficiently and cost-effectively. WCA endeavors to achieve that goal in a number of ways, including through the programs and services offered by the association and its wholly owned subsidiary, WCA Services, Inc.

Created in 1997, WCA Services, Inc. was designed as a vehicle for counties and other public entities to access quality products and services from pre-screened vendors at reduced rates. The goal is to ease public entities’ financial constraints by providing a hassle-free experience delivering products and services relevant to the needs of local government.

Over the last 20 years, every county in the state has benefited from the programs offered through WCA and WCA Services, Inc. Some counties have saved thousands of dollars on essential goods and services, while introducing solutions that save taxpayer dollars. Further, every WCA county member has benefited from flat membership dues since 2002 due to the aggregate success of these programs.