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Enterprise Fleet Management

Cost Efficient and Customizable Vehicle Solutions

Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) has local, dedicated fleet professionals committed to implementing cost efficient and customizable solutions to meet your county’s vehicle needs. EFM currently works with over 30 counties and municipalities  in Wisconsin today, along with over 1,600 Government agencies across the United States.

Offerings include:

• Light Duty Vehicles: Sedans, Vans, SUV’s and Trucks
• Reimbursement Expense Control
• Dedicated Account Manager
• Endorsed by WCA Services, Inc.
• Seasonal Fleet Needs
• Grant Reimbursement Programs
• Maintenance Program

See an Enterprise Fleet Management/WCA Services, Inc. brochure here.

Governments are continually faced with difficult budgeting decisions. Levy limits and limited revenue sources have forced Wisconsin governments to look for ways to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. County operations require the use of many types of vehicles. From police to parks, to highway and health departments, managing the fleet can be complex and at times necessitates the use of consultants. The purchasing process, maintenance agreements, replacement schedules, fuel efficiency and disposal process all must be considered.

EFM, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri has been in business for over 57 years managing over 1.5 million vehicles. They have 17 employees in the Waukesha office and over 500 employees, with drivers statewide. They are the largest buyer of vehicles in the country, purchasing over 700,000 vehicles a year. EFM is able to achieve private sector purchase discounts of $3,000 to $4,000 and government discounts of $7,000 to $8,000.

The total cost of ownership is determined by the collection of direct and indirect costs of owning a vehicle throughout its entire lifecycle, from fuel to driver downtime. EFM addresses each and every one of these costs through analysis and expertise, helping drive down total cost while improving operational efficiency. EFM can customize the solution to meet a county’s needs.

Many entities determine replacement based on budget as opposed to resale, maintenance costs, trade-in value and fuel efficiency. Improving gas mileage by 2 mpg can save thousands of dollars in a fleet. EFM cites examples of one company using Nissan Altimas and was getting 26 to 27 mpg, and then replaced them with new Nissan Altimas that gets 35 mpg. One county has 52 vehicles that is now saving $150,000 a year and has the potential to save $750,000 to a $1 million over 10 years. It is not uncommon for 80 vehicle fleets to save $600,000 to $1 million.

EFM has a lease agreement with the county where EFM holds title to the vehicle but the county is listed as the owner and is responsible for the license and insurance. Enterprise sells the vehicle through its dealership network (over 100) and returns the proceeds to the county. A county may only have one or two outlets to sell the vehicle, a local car dealer, newspaper or auction service. Many counties have a replacement schedule of 10 to 15 years. Enterprise replaces the vehicles in three to six years.

Maintenance is included in the lease. EFM has relationships with over 100 dealers and oil change companies and contracts with local companies for oil change and servicing. Governments are then able to reduce the number of in-house mechanics and service personnel. Vehicles are purchased directly through the manufacturer then delivered by the local dealer.

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