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Public safety communications

Public safety communications systems and equipment can be the most important tools a government agency will purchase to help save lives and property, reduce response time to constituents’ emergency calls, manage resources efficiently, increase productivity and meet the challenge of doing more with less. To facilitate these critical investments, WCA Services, Inc. partnered with Motorola to provide communications options, expertise and support to Wisconsin’s local governments.

Motorola has been a leader in providing mission-critical communications equipment to state and local governments for more than 80 years. Motorola Solutions has extensive experience delivering solutions that reduce cost and increase productivity for government and public safety agencies.

Through this partnership, local governments can access the most sophisticated communications technology and solutions available—from voice to data to video. Every county and local government agency in Wisconsin, from public safety to public service agencies, is allowed to purchase Motorola communications equipment and systems at a significant savings.

This partnership creates a simple process for counties and local government agencies to purchase the specific communications equipment and systems they need to respond to the calls for service they receive every day. Counties and local governments can purchase communications equipment directly from Motorola dealers throughout the state.

With an extensive portfolio including two-way radios, Wi-Fi, asset management and more, Motorola’s line of local government technology can help agencies move beyond the basics to technology that is second nature, seamlessly delivering real-time information into the hands of first responders and workers.

Watch a January 2021 webinar, “Motorola Solutions, Inc.: Public Safety Solutions Utilizing Body-Worn Cameras,” below:


“We chose to use the Motorola contract because of the incredibly discounted rates we received. We were pleasantly surprised when we also received great service and fast delivery. We are very happy with the squad radios we’ve received.” - Chief Deputy Randal Dorshorst, Wood County Sheriff’s Department

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