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WCA Program

WCA Group Health Trust

Employee Health Benefit Program

The WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) was established in 1991 when a innovative group of Wisconsin county officials joined together to create an employee health benefit program designed to meet the unique needs of county government.

The original motivation behind the creation of GHT continues to yield benefits for participating governments, including:

  • Greater financial security through participation in a larger group;
  • Increased adaptability and flexibility through custom designed employee benefit programs;
  • Expanded options for cost savings;
  • Enhanced stability in health programs;
  • Access to health care utilization data;
  • Supplemental comprehensive wellness programs;

The WCA Group Health Trust continues to serve as a resource for assisting Wisconsin counties, local units of government and school districts in fulfilling their employee health benefit obligations in a fiscally responsible manner. The Group Health Trust has the ability to design plans to meet the specific needs of an individual entity by matching their current benefit levels. GHT’s flexible administrative services allow its plan designs to vary from the traditional indemnity programs to preferred provider organization-based plans to the latest point-of-service plan designs.

The WCA Group Health Trust continually adopts new approaches to controlling plan costs as a means to stay ahead in today’s complicated healthcare environment. The Group Health Trust assists local governments in developing a plan that fits its unique goals and objectives. To ensure continuity of coverage and predictability of cost, GHT routinely analyzes local governments’ claims experience to determine where their claim dollars are being spent and offer possible solutions for cost savings, as well as monitor the results.

Most importantly, GHT is better able to serve its members because the government officials who use its services also govern it – its consumers are its decision makers. Their direct involvement makes the GHT a unique entity that is more responsive to local healthcare and employer needs.


“Fond du Lac County chose the GHT because it was our best affordable option with great rates. The customer service has exceeded expectations. The GHT has been with us every step of the way. We put our trust in them and this trust has been well founded.” - Allen Buechel, Fond du Lac County Executive

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