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Google Public Sector

Office Productivity Software and IT Solutions for Local Government

WCA Services, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Google Public Sector to bring the proven communication, collaboration, and productivity capabilities of their products to employees working in Wisconsin counties and municipalities.

Public private partnerships are one of the clearest trends in local government today. When public sector needs can be met with cutting-edge private sector solutions provided by quality companies, government is more efficient and citizens are well served.

WCA Services, Inc. has worked with Google Public Sector to establish a contract with competitive pricing for their “Workspace” platform – a highly secure and highly available solution that enables public sector agencies to focus less on maintaining their critical applications and spend more time focusing on what’s most important – delivering quality services to their communities.

Workspace is Google’s office productivity software suite that uses popular web applications like applications like GMAIL, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Chat, and Classroom. Workspace has the security and management suite to translate to application solutions for local units of government. Over 5 million business, government, and educational organizations have chosen Workspace as their primary communications and productivity software suite.

Google’s solution is 100% cloud-based, which means software updates are as easy as opening and closing your web browser. With Workspace, there are no servers to purchase and maintain, reducing IT costs and complexity for Wisconsin local units of government.

Workspace can significantly reduce IT costs, simplify licensing, and provide the security needed to safeguard critical and sensitive information all for a single price per user, per year – no matter the number of devices connected or the number of features utilized.

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