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December 15, 2015

WCA Services, Inc. Endorses PremierAdvantage

New Program Provides a New Credit/Debit Processing Solution for Counties
–William L. McReynolds, CEO, Premier Solutions Group

Municipalities throughout Wisconsin are continually pursing advancements that deliver cost savings and more budgetary control while providing superior services to constituents. When it comes to accepting payments for municipal fees, from permits to property taxes, many offer constituents a credit card payment option that includes a fixed or flat rate fee for using either a debit or credit card.

WCA Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Wisconsin Counties Association, has entered into a five-year agreement with PremierAdvantage, a subsidiary of Premier Solutions Group and ClearPay Financial Solutions, to provide Wisconsin cities and counties with a new and innovative approach to processing credit card payments.

With PremierAdvantage-ClearPay, municipalities and counties can have the best of both worlds– better control of payments and a lower fee for processing transactions. PremierAdvantage-ClearPay is an innovative credit/debit card processing solution that allows the constituent the option of choosing between a credit or debit card based on convenience fee, with no fee to the county. While most card processing services require a flat fee regardless of type of card, PremierAdvantage-ClearPay moves away from the industry standard and recognizes the difference between debit and the more popular higher service, reward based credit cards. This program provides cardholders the education needed to choose to pay with less expensive methods of payment like a debit card, without the penalty of flat rate pricing.

PremierAdvantage and ClearPay Financial Solutions, both headquartered in Wisconsin, have teamed up to provide counties and municipalities a flexible card processing program that delivers more options, more control and less red tape. The program is designed to streamline keyed entry, mobile, wireless and internet payments for faster funding and detailed reporting. It is optimized for government utilities, public works, police, tax payments, courts and other departments with unique needs.    PremierAdvantage- ClearPay provides the highest level of certification available, ensuring the safest online experience for municipalities and their constituents.

Premier Solutions Group, a WCA Services, Inc. partner since 2012, is managed by former Racine County Executive Bill “Mac” McReynolds, who serves as CEO. McReynolds’ knowledge of public sector interests and needs has enabled Premier to deliver innovative business solutions through creative partnerships and cutting edge business models that set new benchmark standards.

Administrators can rely on Premier’s commitment to service and professionalism to help them effectively manage costs. That commitment, and Premier’s solid track record of delivering cost savings to Wisconsin’s local governments, was a key component in the decision to endorse and partner with Premier Solutions Group and ClearPay Financial Solutions.

As government agencies across the state focus on controlling costs while delivering better service and savings to constituents, there is no better time to review the changing landscape of credit and debit card payment processing. Premier Solutions Group can deliver the cost controls needed, while enabling counties to maintain the highest level of community service their constituents demand.

About Premier Solutions Group
Premier Solutions Group is a leading employment and credit card processing services firm dedicated to offering public and private sector clients unique staffing and business models that deliver the flexibility to meet any challenge. The company’s models improve clients’ operational efficiencies while delivering significant cost savings for the municipality and its constituents. And that is the bottom line!

About Clear Pay Financial Solutions
ClearPay Financial Solutions (CPFS), founded in 2011, is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. CPFS is a financial services broker with access to nine of the ten largest clearing houses in the United States. The company offers credit card processing, check verification, conversion products and services to retail, restaurants, lodging businesses, government and school entities. CPFS’s national and local management team offers extensive experience in providing credit and debit card services, and delivers a personalized, “one–on–one” relationship to all its clients. CPFS is a registered member service provider for Wells Fargo Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY and a member service provider for Central Bank of St. Louis, Clayton, MO providing Visa and MasterCard credit card processing services to medium and large merchants in the U.S.

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