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August 28, 2018

WCA Services, Inc. and Abilita Partner for Telecommunications Consulting Solutions

Public private partnerships are one of the clearest trends in local government today. When public sector needs can be met with cutting-edge private sector solutions provided by quality companies, government is more efficient and citizens are well served.

“WCA Services, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Abilita, an industry leader in telecommunications consulting, to provide expense management and cost savings services for WCA members,” said WCA Director of Programs and Services Michael Lamont. “They have a tremendous record of working with local governments and we believe their services will assist counties in operating more efficiently and effectively when it comes to their communication needs.”

The company, with 15 offices across the North America, has assisted organizations of all sizes since 2004. Abilita provides expense management and cost savings services for WCA members. These consulting services are provided at no cost to members and designed to free up valuable staff time.

“We take great pride in helping our clients reduce costs and it’s always our goal to deliver excellent client satisfaction” said Paul Anker, Abilita Managing Consultant. “We are continuously looking to help our members from all 72 counties operate more efficiently and cost effectively.”

Abilita’s fees are paid out of shared savings through their analysis of the county’s telecommunications bills and contracts. In other words, if the county doesn’t save money, there are no fees for their consulting services.

In addition, Abilita’s services can significantly reduce county staff time spent dealing with the complexities of telecommunications services. It is like outsourcing the work while paying for it out of savings. On average, counties save 29% and all changes Abilita recommends are subject to the county’s approval.

“Abilita works with counties of all sizes and has a stellar history in this service,” said Lamont. “We are excited to partner with the company and look forward to their services being one more way WCA Services, Inc. can find ways to offer valuable products and services to assist their members.”

For more information about Abilita, visit abilita.com or contact Managing Consultants Paul Anker or Dan Aylward at 888.910.2004.

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