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Financial and Human Resources Management for Local and County Government

Skyward offers Wisconsin counties greater exposure to Skyward’s Municipality Suite. As a result, county leaders throughout the state will have the opportunity to use Skyward’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to help them reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and streamline workflows.

Located in Stevens Point, Skyward was founded in 1980 and its products are used by more than 1,900 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations supporting millions of stakeholders. Best known for its partnerships with K-12 school districts, Skyward’s product and service offerings are also available to the municipality sector, resulting in higher levels of efficiency to local and county government operations.

WCA Services and Skyward came together with the common goal of providing a better solution for Wisconsin’s county government offices in managing their budgets, payroll, and HR data. This partnership will add to WCA Services’ current service offerings and deliver paperless options to help counties manage their data and get more done with fewer resources.  The partnership is a three-year agreement, which will automatically renew for additional one-year periods thereafter.

The concept behind Skyward’s technology is simple. Whether the goal is eliminating paper time sheets, tracking personnel records, or reducing inefficiencies in the budgeting process, Skyward provides the tools and information to improve accuracy and make day-to-day administrative
tasks easier.

In addition to being based in Wisconsin, Skyward was an attractive partner for WCA Services because the software is intuitive for staff and the company has a long track record of responsive customer service and continuous technology enhancements to meet the needs of county governments today and into the future.

Just like their counterparts in the private sector, county and municipality leaders need to be as efficient as possible, and they only have so many resources to allocate. The WCA Services and Skyward partnership will put technology in the hands of more Wisconsin counties to help them increase productivity while reducing their costs.


“Adams County has used Skyward since 1998. The upgrades made over the years have allowed us the opportunity to streamline processes and create efficiencies.” -Cindy Phillippi, Adams County Clerk

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