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PMA Financial Network, Inc./WISC

Cash Management, Investment and Financial Advisory Services

Throughout its 30-year history, PMA Financial Network, Inc. (PMA) has provided comprehensive financial management services to local governments. Today, PMA proudly serves 1,450 public entities in Wisconsin and nine other states.

PMA has served as the fund administrator, marketer and sub-advisor for the Wisconsin Investment Services Cooperative (WISC) since 2004. During its tenure as WISC’s administrator, PMA has grown the fund from less than $100 million to more than $800 million in fewer than 10 years. Through WISC, PMA provides a wide-ranging menu of investment options including full service banking, cash flow management and bond proceeds management services.

Debt issuance and debt management services are provided through PMA Securities, Inc. PMA has provided its financial advisory services to Wisconsin entities on transactions totaling more than $1.4 billion.

Prudent Man Advisors, Inc., PMA’s affiliated SEC registered investment advisor, specializes in fixed income portfolio management. These portfolios may include U.S. treasuries, government agencies and corporate and municipal securities with durations ranging from 60 days to five years.

PMA’s dedication to understanding the specific needs of individual clients not only produces superior results, but also illustrates its commitment to local government solutions.


“Through WISC, PMA has identified unique investment opportunities that have improved Marathon County’s investment portfolio and promoted intergovernmental cooperation. Their deep understanding of our cash flow enables them to proactively manage our shortterm portfolio, as well as our long-term assets.” - Brad Karger, Marathon County Administrator

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