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Premier Solutions Group

Employment and Staffing Solutions

Premier Solutions Group is a leading employment services firm providing public and private sector clients unique staffing models that deliver greater flexibility to meet any employment challenge. Premier Solutions Group can deliver the employment cost controls needed, while enabling local governments to maintain the highest level of community service their constituents demand.

Premier Solutions Group employment models, Premier Workforce (benefitted) and Premier Gold (non-benefitted), provide local governments the employment solutions they need to meet any short- or long-term strategic resourcing or staffing need. Either model, or a combination of both, provides governmental agencies greater flexibility and enhanced control of the costs that drive payroll expenses, which enables them to meet the challenges of today’s changing marketplace.

Each option enables clients to directly supervise and manage professionals placed on-site, as well as fully control all costs that drive payroll expenses. Premier Workforce is specifically designed for longer-term employment scenarios. It offers talented professionals a competitive hourly wage or salary, plus a full benefit package, and placement in positions that deliver superior value for the long haul.

Premier Solutions manages the total payroll package, which enables them to directly control costs and attain the financial savings to meet clients’ expectations. There is no agency mark-up on direct employment costs. Premier simply passes those costs through and charges a standard monthly management fee based on established rate platforms for the placed professionals.

Premier Solutions Group was founded in 2006 and is managed by former Racine County Executive Bill “Mac” McReynolds, who serves as its CEO. McReynolds’ knowledge of public sector interests and needs has enabled Premier Solutions to build a strong foundation of providing temporary and contract employee options to support public and private sector client staffing needs.


“In an age where organizations, specifically government organizations, need to be flexible and nimble, Premier Solutions allows for this to happen. They are responsive to our needs and go out of their way to ensure staffing success will happen. As a result it allows us to offer better services at less cost for county residents.” - Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Human Services Director

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