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No Wait Inside

Cloud Based Queue Management Tool Designed to Assist Government Entities that Previously Allowed Walk In Traffic

No Wait Inside is a cloud based queue management tool designed to assist government entities that previously allowed walk in traffic.

The tool will allow counties and other public entities to efficiently manage customer flow, especially during COVID-19. The No Wait Inside software eliminates waiting rooms and waiting in lines, all while promoting social distancing.

Government offices serve the community in countless ways from obtaining a driver’s license, to paying taxes, getting a marriage license, and so much more. No Wait Inside allows constituents to book appointments online and notify staff when they have arrived. Staff can automatically text or call back from the dashboard when they are ready to serve the community member.

The dashboard is fully secure and HIPAA compliant, offering an extra level of comfort for departments handling sensitive information. It is a simple and intuitive application that does not require an app to download.

As governments continue to face the reality of community health challenges, it is essential to maintain fully functional offices that meet the needs of local populations. At the county level, any government service that requires face to face interaction could benefit from No Wait Inside to effectively manage traffic flow, while maintaining public safety as a top priority.

See the April 27, 2021 WCA Services, Inc. and No Wait Inside webinar, complete with a product walk-thru, by clicking here.

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