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Dental Insurance Solutions

WCA Services, Inc. partnered with 2G’s LLC to offer voluntary dental products to WCA members, including their employees, families, friends and retirees throughout the state of Wisconsin. The dental insurance program is serviced and enrolled by 2G’s LLC, with more than 25 years experience offering dental insurance to thousands of clients across the state.

According to recent studies, approximately 50% of Americans lack dental insurance, making them less likely to seek care and, ultimately, to develop more serious health conditions. Because of the correlation between dental health and overall physical health, recent surveys have found that 76% of employees are interested in voluntary dental insurance through their employer.

To address this issue, 2G’s has developed various plan design options, including fee-forservice, PPO, POS and similar products, all of which are underwritten by Security Life/Spirit Careington and Delta Dental.

This popular voluntary benefit program can be offered at no cost to the county and enables employees to choose dental insurance solutions that fit their family’s specific needs. 2G’s dental insurance plans for WCA members have been crafted with any budget in mind, and coverage can be tailored to the employee’s personal needs. All plans offer comprehensive dental coverage, with many plans offering immediate coverage (no waiting periods), including coverage for implants, major procedures, three annual cleanings and a $1,200 orthodontia allowance.

Many plans also offer a low lifetime – rather than annual – deductible and are entirely portable.


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