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U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance

Purchasing and Procurement

The U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance (GPA) is a cooperative purchasing program offering local governments access to nationally solicited contracts that provide significant reductions in price and guaranteed delivery features. Each supplier awarded a contract through U.S. Communities must commit to offering its lowest overall public agency pricing.

All U.S. Communities contracts are competitively solicited, evaluated and awarded by an impartial lead public agency in accordance with public purchasing rules and regulations. Applying these principles satisfies the competitive bid requirements of most state and local government agencies. In addition, U.S. Communities uses third party audits for their contracts to ensure that program pricing commitments are met, as well as benchmark analyses against other suppliers and retailers to guarantee participants the best overall value.

All government agencies that have the authority to purchase from another public agency’s competitively solicited contract are eligible. Eligible agencies must complete a simple online registration process with U.S. Communities to access all products and suppliers.

Each month more than 500 new public agencies register to participate. This continuing rapid growth is fueled by the program’s proven track record of providing public agencies unparalleled value and the best government pricing available.

U.S. Communities was co-founded by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and gives counties unparalleled value in public procurement. With no user fees, U.S. Communities saves time and money; frees resources for other public priorities, programs and services; and meets most government agencies’ piggybacking requirements.


Barron County actively makes purchases from U.S. Communities contracts because of the exceptional value, the ease of use and the fact that there are no strings attached. But our support for the program extends far beyond the purchases we make. Barron County also serves as a lead public agency, which bids contracts on behalf of thousands of local governments in Wisconsin and nationally.

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