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Center For Internet Security

Cyber Security Readiness and Response

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to enhancing government’s ability to respond to the growing number of cyber threats and hacking attempts. The partnership between WCA Services, Inc. and CIS allows counties to take advantage of critical industry-recognized training programs designed to improve counties’ cyber security readiness at a significant discount.

CIS works through four complementary divisions – Security Benchmarks, Multi-State ISAC, Trusted Purchasing Alliance and the Integrated Intelligence Center – all offering high-quality, timely products and services to help partners achieve security goals through expert guidance and cost-effective solutions.

Law enforcement consistently cites cybercrime as one of the fastest growing threats; however, it is also the threat they cite as being the least prepared to confront. Counties are at an increased risk for attack due to the large volume of personal information they collect and the links they maintain with state and federal databases.

In order to protect their data, numerous counties throughout the state – from Douglas County to Waukesha County and Brown County to Grant County – already partner with CIS through its Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC). This 24/7 cyber security operations center provides real-time network monitoring, early cyber threat warnings and advisories, and mitigation and incident response.

The Center for Internet Security partnership allows counties to take advantage of numerous additional training resources. Training partners include the SANS Institute and Inspired eLearning, which provide end user awareness training, and (ISC)²®, which provides IT professional training and certifications. Industry best practices consistently cite training as a critical component of any organization’s cyber security strategy. Training providers are selected based on their applicability to the Critical Security Controls, a listing of best practices guidelines for computer security, and with input from a product review board that includes local government officials.

Each of these additional programs is designed to educate end users and train IT professionals with the goal of reducing human error, the cause for more than one-third of security breaches, according to a recent report.

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