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Capitol Lakes Financial, LLP

Long-Term Care Insurance

In response to increasing health care costs and its effect on individuals’ financial security into retirement, WCA Services, Inc. partnered with Capitol Lakes Financial, LLP and Transamerica to offer an exclusive WCA member discount for long-term care insurance.

With annual long-term skilled care costs in Wisconsin now averaging close to $90,000 and the increasing difficulty for individuals to qualify for Medicaid without spending down all of their assets, long-term care insurance is designed to provide long-term security without total depletion of assets.

This long-term care insurance can be offered as a voluntary benefit at no expense to the county and is billed directly to the policyholder or employee from the carrier. The plan may be extended to elected officials, county employees, and the immediate families of both groups, including spouses, parents, children and siblings.

Individual counties may also choose to offer a group product allowing counties to offer a benefit with simplified underwriting at a group rate. Employees could benefit from this option if their county anticipates higher levels of participation from its employees.

This long-term care insurance program is serviced and enrolled by Capitol Lakes Financial, LLP. Capitol Lakes Financial, LLP has more than 10 years experience offering its programs to state of Wisconsin employees, and a well-documented reputation for service, integrity and professionalism.

Capitol Lakes offers one-on-one advisory services for eligible individuals and can provide informational workshops for county employees that can be scheduled during the workday, over lunch, or after work hours.


“I am extremely impressed with Capitol Lakes and their professional approach to long-term care insurance. When meeting with my wife and I, they provided a detailed financial projection based on our individual situation and were not pushing a product or attempting to sell us something that we were not interested in. Capitol Lakes Financial is a great service endorsed by WCA Services, Inc. and I encourage county employees to take advantage of the program.” - James Mielke, Dodge County Administrator

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