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Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

Permanent Life Insurance

WCA Services, Inc. partnered with Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company to offer the “Employee Life Option,” a permanent whole life insurance program.

While employers commonly offer term life insurance – which provides insurance coverage for a specific period of time in the event the insured dies prematurely – this program allows employers to offer permanent life insurance, which provides death protection no matter when death occurs. Less than 2% of policyholders ever collect benefits from term insurance, while 100% of insureds collect benefits from permanent life insurance.

The “Employee Life Option” provides public employers the opportunity to offer an insurance product to their employees and families at no additional cost to taxpayers. Many employees – especially those with preexisting conditions – are otherwise unable to obtain life insurance in the conventional market for their personal long-term and post-retirement needs.


All employees working 20 hours or more per week are eligible to receive coverage regardless of physical condition. The plan is also available to elected officials; employee’s spouses (who may be subject to medical underwriting*), children and grandchildren, regardless of their past or present health problems. Employees can also cover a family member without covering themselves.

This interest sensitive, whole life product features level premiums, fixed death benefits and substantial minimum cash values, as well as cash accumulation at current interest rates.

Coverage starts at just $2.00 per week. The plan is completely portable; premiums are guaranteed to never increase; and benefits are guaranteed never to decrease. The plan is serviced and enrolled by Gregory & Appel.

*If an employee’s spouse has been hospitalized or treated at a medical facility on an inpatient or outpatient.


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